Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAHNIK, Edward Mathew  3 Aug 1890Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4462 Fanta-Engleson 
2 BLAHNIK, Emma  30 Sep 1878Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I3525 Fanta-Engleson 
3 BLAHNIK, Frank  Feb 1880Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4464 Fanta-Engleson 
4 BURSEK, Bozena Bessie  May 1896Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4523 Fanta-Engleson 
5 BURSEK, Charles  Jan 1890Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4525 Fanta-Engleson 
6 BURSEK, Frank  Jun 1898Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4522 Fanta-Engleson 
7 BURSEK, John Jr.  15 Apr 1894Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I3138 Fanta-Engleson 
8 CENEFELT, Anna  1863Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5217 Fanta-Engleson 
9 CENEFELT, Carolina  Abt 1875Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5213 Fanta-Engleson 
10 CENEFELT, John  16 Jun 1877Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5212 Fanta-Engleson 
11 CENEFELT, Joseph  Mar 1861Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5218 Fanta-Engleson 
12 CENEFELT, Julia  Abt 1873Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5214 Fanta-Engleson 
13 CENEFELT, Katherine  3 Mar 1868Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5209 Fanta-Engleson 
14 CENEFELT, Mary  May 1866Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5215 Fanta-Engleson 
15 CENEFELT, Mathias Matt  Abt 1859Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5219 Fanta-Engleson 
16 CENEFELT, Vaclav Wencel  1864Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5216 Fanta-Engleson 
17 CHARNEY, Emil  1878Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5053 Fanta-Engleson 
18 CHARNEY, Victor  23 Aug 1917Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5050 Fanta-Engleson 
19 DOUBEK, Frank  1856Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5018 Fanta-Engleson 
20 DOUBEK, Vaclav Wenzel  20 Sep 1861Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5016 Fanta-Engleson 
21 FRELICH, Anna  6 Apr 1897Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5377 Fanta-Engleson 
22 HAMERNIK, Adolph  1859Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4733 Fanta-Engleson 
23 HAMERNIK, Adolph  24 Dec 1879Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4706 Fanta-Engleson 
24 HAMERNIK, Anna  15 Jul 1866Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4731 Fanta-Engleson 
25 HAMERNIK, Anna  27 Oct 1866Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4682 Fanta-Engleson 
26 HAMERNIK, Annastasia "Stella"  21 Aug 1860Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4732 Fanta-Engleson 
27 HAMERNIK, Anton Adam  24 Dec 1877Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4702 Fanta-Engleson 
28 HAMERNIK, Edward  1 Apr 1888Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4678 Fanta-Engleson 
29 HAMERNIK, Emma  1856Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4734 Fanta-Engleson 
30 HAMERNIK, Emma  20 May 1876Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4707 Fanta-Engleson 
31 HAMERNIK, Frank  10 Nov 1873Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4708 Fanta-Engleson 
32 HAMERNIK, James  10 Sep 1871Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4729 Fanta-Engleson 
33 HAMERNIK, Joseph J.  31 Dec 1870Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4709 Fanta-Engleson 
34 HAMERNIK, Julia  1884Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4704 Fanta-Engleson 
35 HAMERNIK, Mary  4 Sep 1868Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4710 Fanta-Engleson 
36 HAMERNIK, Regina Rose Mary  27 Sep 1882Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4705 Fanta-Engleson 
37 HODIK, Adalbert  Abt 1872Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5260 Fanta-Engleson 
38 HODIK, Mary  Jun 1869Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5245 Fanta-Engleson 
39 HRUDKA, Anton  8 Oct 1854Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4791 Fanta-Engleson 
40 HRUDKA, Frank  19 Nov 1859Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4793 Fanta-Engleson 
41 HRUDKA, Rosalia  Abt 1867Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4795 Fanta-Engleson 
42 JINDRA, Amelia Emma  1 Jul 1877Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I3187 Fanta-Engleson 
43 JUST, Alfred Joseph  28 Sep 1899Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4973 Fanta-Engleson 
44 JUST, Blanche  Aug 1888Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4976 Fanta-Engleson 
45 JUST, Edward Fred  14 Jul 1893Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4975 Fanta-Engleson 
46 JUST, William Wenzel  12 May 1895Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4974 Fanta-Engleson 
47 KAUTSKY, Frank Adolph  28 Sep 1854Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4841 Fanta-Engleson 
48 KAZDA, Rose  16 Feb 1886Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5241 Fanta-Engleson 
49 KAZKA, Marie  25 Jul 1859Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5275 Fanta-Engleson 
50 KOHOUT, Joseph C.  22 Mar 1884Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5283 Fanta-Engleson 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Magdalena  29 Mar 1892Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4945 Fanta-Engleson 
2 CENEFELT, John  7 Nov 1899Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5212 Fanta-Engleson 
3 CENEFELT, John  3 Aug 1913Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5210 Fanta-Engleson 
4 CENEFELT, Joseph  10 Aug 1939Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5218 Fanta-Engleson 
5 CENEFELT, Katherine  3 Jan 1929Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5209 Fanta-Engleson 
6 DEWANE, William A.  9 Oct 1939Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4943 Fanta-Engleson 
7 HAMERNIK, Julia  1886Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4704 Fanta-Engleson 
8 HANOUSEK, Katrina  16 Aug 1866Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4711 Fanta-Engleson 
9 HESSE, Francis  1896Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4899 Fanta-Engleson 
10 HRDLICKA, Vaclav "Wenzel"  3 Oct 1871Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4897 Fanta-Engleson 
11 HUSAR, Franz Frank  18 Dec 1939Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4853 Fanta-Engleson 
12 HYKOVA, Katerina  14 Mar 1896Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I2479 Fanta-Engleson 
13 JENC, Jan  12 Oct 1890Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I3489 Fanta-Engleson 
14 JINDRA, Josef  28 Oct 1889Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4368 Fanta-Engleson 
15 JUST, Edward Fred  14 Dec 1960Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4975 Fanta-Engleson 
16 JUST, Jiri George  13 Jun 1903Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4946 Fanta-Engleson 
17 JUST, Vaclav Wenzel  14 Dec 1911Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4972 Fanta-Engleson 
18 KAZKA, Marie  30 May 1940Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5275 Fanta-Engleson 
19 PECKA PETSKA, Albert  23 Jul 1924Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4681 Fanta-Engleson 
20 PETSKA, Alvina  28 Apr 1973Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5369 Fanta-Engleson 
21 PODRABSKY, Marie "Mary"  27 Jan 1927Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4837 Fanta-Engleson 
22 REZNICHEK, Mary Maria  25 Jan 1938Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5220 Fanta-Engleson 
23 SAMES, Agnes  12 Apr 1949Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5052 Fanta-Engleson 
24 SCHIMEK, Anna  7 Nov 1866Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4713 Fanta-Engleson 
25 SCHUSTER, Barbara  7 Jul 1899Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4849 Fanta-Engleson 
26 SCHUSTER, Bartholomew "Bartlomjy"  10 Mar 1892Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4875 Fanta-Engleson 
27 SHIMON, John Sr.  18 Feb 1899Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4877 Fanta-Engleson 
28 STOUPKA, Marie "Mary"  14 Dec 1917Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4874 Fanta-Engleson 
29 SVATOS, Anna  8 Feb 1920Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4367 Fanta-Engleson 
30 SYKORA, Anna  14 Aug 1935Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I1320 Fanta-Engleson 
31 TAICHER, Adolph  8 Feb 1933Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I1170 Fanta-Engleson 
32 TAICHER, Jan  22 Dec 1903Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I2478 Fanta-Engleson 
33 WANISH, Anna  15 Jan 1888Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5200 Fanta-Engleson 
34 WANISH, John  2 May 1909Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5199 Fanta-Engleson 
35 WANISH, Mary  28 Apr 1935Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I4854 Fanta-Engleson 
36 ZARUBA, Baby Girl  Bef 1860Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin I5236 Fanta-Engleson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HUSAR / SCHUSTER  4 Feb 1888Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin F1480 Fanta-Engleson 
2 SCHUSTER SUSTER / ZARUBA  11 Nov 1879Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin F1492 Fanta-Engleson 
3 SHIMON / HUSAR  12 Jan 1875Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin F1483 Fanta-Engleson 
4 ZARUBA / PODRABSKY  31 May 1902Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin F1468 Fanta-Engleson 
5 ZEMAN / HODIK  5 Nov 1887Cooperstown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin F1655 Fanta-Engleson 
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