Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AKSAMIT, Fannie  1856Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5097 Fanta-Engleson 
2 CHARVAT, Rose  14 Jan 1873Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5207 Fanta-Engleson 
3 DEGRAVE, Barbara Jeanne  14 Feb 1948Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2796 Fanta-Engleson 
4 HERBST, Rodger Edward  30 Jul 1922Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2734 Fanta-Engleson 
5 KRAYNIK, Gladys Elizabeth  2 Nov 1897Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2450 Fanta-Engleson 
6 KRAYNIK, Veronica M.  22 Jan 1900Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2451 Fanta-Engleson 
7 MODROW, Evelyn  22 Jul 1917Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2375 Fanta-Engleson 
8 PELKIN, Daniel Kenneth  18 Jan 1950Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2024 Fanta-Engleson 
9 PELKIN, Kenneth M.  23 Nov 1927Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2025 Fanta-Engleson 
10 SPEVACEK, Clifford E.  19 May 1914Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3179 Fanta-Engleson 
11 WITTIG, Homer Frederick  16 Jan 1912Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2740 Fanta-Engleson 
12 WITTIG, Theodore Fred A.  27 Nov 1908Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2738 Fanta-Engleson 
13 WITTIG, Viola  4 Feb 1910Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2739 Fanta-Engleson 
14 WORDELL, Robert H.  2 Apr 1920Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2954 Fanta-Engleson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clara  9 Nov 1993Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2703 Fanta-Engleson 
2 BOETCHER, Norbert R.  5 Apr 2004Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3085 Fanta-Engleson 
3 CHARNEY, Emil  18 Nov 1948Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5053 Fanta-Engleson 
4 CHLOUPEK, John  1 Sep 1935Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5090 Fanta-Engleson 
5 CIZEK, Edward Sr.  5 May 1963Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2848 Fanta-Engleson 
6 DELVAUX, Hazel  8 Dec 2001Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2992 Fanta-Engleson 
7 HAMERNIK, Anna  11 Sep 1948Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4682 Fanta-Engleson 
8 HERBST, Edward Emil G.  25 Sep 1971Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2733 Fanta-Engleson 
9 HERBST, LaRoy  20 Sep 2000Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2735 Fanta-Engleson 
10 HYNEK, Doris  1 Jan 1982Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2747 Fanta-Engleson 
11 JUST, Anna  4 Oct 1944Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4969 Fanta-Engleson 
12 KADERABEK, Milada C.  5 Aug 2000Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2490 Fanta-Engleson 
13 KAPINOS, Barbara  2 Aug 1923Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5239 Fanta-Engleson 
14 KLIKA, Joseph  15 Jul 1925Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5366 Fanta-Engleson 
15 KOZLOVSKY, Clara A.  15 Dec 1970Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1442 Fanta-Engleson 
16 KRAJNEK, Lillian E.  9 Jan 2004Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2266 Fanta-Engleson 
17 KRAJNIK, Jan  7 May 1929Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1470 Fanta-Engleson 
18 KRAJNIK, Josef  21 Jun 1950Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1521 Fanta-Engleson 
19 KRAJNIKOVA, Anna  15 Oct 1942Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1469 Fanta-Engleson 
20 KRALOVETZ, Mabel Anna  23 Feb 1991Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2999 Fanta-Engleson 
21 KRAYNIK, Anna Mae  8 Feb 2005Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2458 Fanta-Engleson 
22 KRAYNIK, Edward J.  12 May 1984Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2443 Fanta-Engleson 
23 KRAYNIK, Frank Francis  17 Feb 1970Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2444 Fanta-Engleson 
24 KRAYNIK, Gladys Elizabeth  19 Jan 1987Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2450 Fanta-Engleson 
25 KRAYNIK, James  14 Jan 1946Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1520 Fanta-Engleson 
26 KRAYNIK, Julia  14 May 1976Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1491 Fanta-Engleson 
27 KRAYNIK, Lydia Emily  20 Oct 1972Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1493 Fanta-Engleson 
28 KRAYNIK, Mary Josephine  31 Dec 1973Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I1494 Fanta-Engleson 
29 KRAYNIK, Mary Marion  23 Sep 1986Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2455 Fanta-Engleson 
30 KRAYNIK, Veronica M.  21 Feb 1981Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2451 Fanta-Engleson 
31 KUBSCH, Mary  16 Dec 1968Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3502 Fanta-Engleson 
32 KVITEK, Helen  28 Aug 1968Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4468 Fanta-Engleson 
33 MCMASTERS, Donald  2 Jul 1981Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3077 Fanta-Engleson 
34 MEINERT, Elsie Helena  20 Dec 1952Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5005 Fanta-Engleson 
35 PECH, Anton J.  11 Mar 1974Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4627 Fanta-Engleson 
36 PECKA PETSKA, Maria  11 Dec 1936Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4800 Fanta-Engleson 
37 PELISHEK, Rudolph  21 Nov 1953Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4575 Fanta-Engleson 
38 PETSKA, Christine  7 Dec 1971Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5372 Fanta-Engleson 
39 PORTER, Carl B.  9 May 1970Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4475 Fanta-Engleson 
40 REMILLARD, Virginia Helen  31 Jul 1997Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3410 Fanta-Engleson 
41 SAGLE, Lorayne "Nonnie"  13 Jun 2004Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3413 Fanta-Engleson 
42 SCHLEIS, Wenzel John  24 Mar 1978Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2705 Fanta-Engleson 
43 SCHNEIDER, Henry Gustav  22 Dec 1957Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I5481 Fanta-Engleson 
44 SKORNICHKA, Lester  9 Oct 1988Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2730 Fanta-Engleson 
45 STROUF, Caroline  3 Sep 1976Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I4917 Fanta-Engleson 
46 TAICHER, Gertrude  1953Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2482 Fanta-Engleson 
47 WESELY, Roger  3 Dec 2008Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I3089 Fanta-Engleson 
48 WITTIG, Diedrich Jacob  10 May 1960Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2737 Fanta-Engleson 
49 WITTIG, Homer Frederick  2 Oct 1984Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin I2740 Fanta-Engleson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FABIAN / GRAYEK  24 Feb 1925Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin F807 Fanta-Engleson 
2 WITTIG / KRAYNIK  26 Feb 1908Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin F790 Fanta-Engleson 
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